Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the band are currently staying at home and isolating!

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We are a very enthusiastic and friendly band based in Darwen in Lancashire and we thoroughly enjoy the times we spend together with each other making good music along with great enjoyment and camaraderie.

At present we have third section status and below are some of the honours we have collected since our formation in 2007 with quite some achievements in a very short time!!



8th September 2019
1st at Hardraw Scar in Hawes!
2nd February 2014
3rd at 'Brass At The Guild' in Preston!
9th March 2014
1st at the 'North West Area Championships' in Blackpool!
21st September 
4th at the 'National Finals' in Cheltenham!
11th January 2016
6th out of 24 at 'Butlins Mineworkers Contest' in Skegness!

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